Mexicali Boys Home
        light...hope...and love
  Boy's Home, school, children's feeding center
In the desert, border town of Mexicali, Mexico, 2 1/2 hours east of Tijuana, God has raised up a ministry to the children of the city...a home for boys who are in desperate situations, a Christian school for poor children of the city who are not attending school, and a feeding center for those in need.  
The Vision
Very soon after the feeding center was started, the need for an education for the children became very apparent and an afternoon school was established for the children, who were not attending school.
An important part of the vision that God had given was a home for boys.  Even while the ministry was located in the rented house, it became necessary to provide a place to live for several boys in desperate situations.
For 3 years, the Center operated from the rented house.  The children ate in the patio area, which was then cleared for classes in the afternoons.  The kitchen that the volunteers used to prepare the food for the children each day was equipped with only an apartment-sized stove and small refrigerator.  The teen-aged boys slept in a small room that was previously an office.
While the Center had been able to accomplish its work from the small rented house, it was becoming increasingly evident that this location would soon no longer accommodate the growing ministry. September 2003, construction began on a new building for the Boys Home and school.
June 2004, the first floor of the new Boys Home was completed and the boys moved into their new home.
August 2004, the school and feeding center were moved to the new location.
October 2004, work began on the second story, with incoming teams and finances from the US.
May 2005, the dorm rooms were completed and the boys moved upstairs to their new bedrooms.
At this date, construction on the second floor, which is designated as living quarters for the boys and staff, is almost complete.
The first group of boys that lived at the Boys Home have learned to read and write, gone to school, "graduated" from the Boys Home and started new lives.  All of them are Christians, attending church, with their own jobs.  One has finished carpentry school, another welding school, another works for Sony.  All with bright new futures.
At present there are new boys living at the Boys Home between the ages of 11 and 17.    In addition to a free education, these young people recieve food, clothing, and most importantly spiritual instruction.
Operating out of a small rented house, the project began as a feeding center for the children that worked and/or lived on the streets
It was in November of that year that the church began the initial outreach and when Art and Joyce joined forces with Pastor Juanita to reach the children of Mexicali.
The Boys Home was started in 2000 by the church, La Hermosa, in Mexicali.  It was born out of the 12-year-old vision of the pastor, Juanita Murillo, to work with the street children of the city.

2000 - First kitchen
2001- Lunch in the patio
2000 - Lunch time

2000 - Christmas dinner
2001 -  Patio classroom

2001 -  Patio classroom
2004 - New dining hall

2004 - New building, first level

2004 - New kitchen

2004 - New classroom
2005 - 5 of the first group of boys

2005 - New boys bedroom

2005 - Lunch time

2006 - New boys

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future."   Jeremiah 29:11

God is doing an incredible work in the lives of these young people, who have now been touched by the love of Jesus and will never be the same.
2006 - First building of trade school under construction

2007 - New print shop equipped & ready for operation

Christmas 2008

Christmas 2011