San Quintin, Baja California, Mexico
Mexicali, Mexico
Colonia Matamoros, Tijuana, Mexico
" And upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it."
                Matthew 16:18
Ciudad Insurgentes, Baja California, Mexico
Iglesia Torre Fuerte - Las Granjas, Baja California, Mexico
         January 2007 -  Missions team - Bethel Assembly of God, Carlisle, PA
     March 2007 -  Missions team - Ogden, Utah
 June 2007 -  Missions team - South Coast Christian Assembly - San Juan Capistrano, CA
       May 2007 -  Missions team - Bethel Assembly of God, Carlisle, PA
     July 2007 -  Missions team - Ogden, Utah
    September 2007 -  Missions team from Sumner Assembly of God, Sumner Washington
    October 2007 -  Dedication Service Iglesia Torre Fuerte
Pastor Carlos and Dora
Pastor Carlos and Dora have been in the ministry for over 10 years.  In 2005, God laid it upon their hearts to plant a church in a poor, newly settled area on the southern edge of the city.   They rented a small storefront for services and began work to reach the people of this small foothills community.  God has blessed and the congregation is growing.  Their need is for a church building of their own.

In 2006, the church purchased a small piece of land on the main thoroughfare in the new community, leveled the land and  began work on the foundation.  January 2007, with the help of a construction team from Pennsylvania, the floor was poured and the walls were begun.

By October 2007, with the help of teams from 4 different churches, the church was ready for the congregation to move in and have the dedication of their church.  

This new little church is growing, as is the new commmunity.  There are over 3000 people in this colonia that need Jesus.  Please join us in prayer for this wonderful pastor and congregation in their vision to reach them all for Jesus.
IGLESIA BETHANIA -  Colonia Arboleda, Tijuana,  Mexico
Pastor Jorge and Rosa  have been pastors in the Tijuana area for many years and  at this church location in East Tijuana for the last 10.  They are wonderful pastors with a heart for the people and a heart for missions.  The church is located in one of the older colonias of the city that is very heavily populated.  God has been blessing and their congregation has continued to grow.

The original church building was old and parts of it were falling in.  The roof no longer held out the elements and the structure would not hold up to remodeling or expansion.  The old building (above) had to come down to make room for a brand-new church facility to house the new congregation.  The plan was to put the necessary steel & cement columns around the existing church and build a new church above the old structure, which would allow the congregation to continue services in the old building. Then as portions were completed, the old structure was torn down.

Thanks to 14 teams from the US, the basic structure has been completed. The pastor and members of the church continue to work to complete  the final phases of construction, and the dedication service for the new facility was held September 13, 2009.  To God be the Glory.
  February 2007 -Missions Team  -  Faith Christian Center, Bend, Oregon
February 2007
September 2009
  March 2007 -Missions Team - Life Christian Fellowship, Springfield, Pennsylvania
            September 2007 -Missions Team  - Sumner Assembly of God, Sumner, Washington
 October 2007 -Missions Team  - Orchard Springs Fellowship, Aspers, PA
 November 2007 -Missions Team  - Christian LIfe Church, Farmington, MN
November 2007 -Missions Team  - Connection Church, Canton, Michigan
January 2008 - Missions Team  -   Faith Christian Center, Bend, Oregon
January 2008  - District Missions Team - Pennsylvania-Delaware District
March 2008 - Local church members raising the steel for the roof of the sanctuary
 October 2008 -Missions Team  - Christian LIfe Church, Farmington, MN
  December 2008 -Missions Team  - Connection Church, Canton, MI
September 2009 -Church Dedication
  October 2006 -Missions Team 
     Orange Hills Assembly, Orange, CA
November 2006 -Missions Team 
 Tri-City Assembly,   Canton, Michigan
Pastor Jorge & Rosa
IGLESIA MONTE HOREB - Colonia Los Alamos, Tijuana, Mexico
Pastors Juan Martin         & Martha
Pastor Juan Martin and his wife Martha have been pastors of Templo Monte Horeb for 25 years.  While the church has had consistent growth over the years,  in 2002, it became very evident that a new sanctuary was necessary, as the congregation was spilling out the door with standing room only.   The church was able to purchase land behind the existing building in order to expand the sanctuary the full length of both properties.  This allows for parking, fellowship hall and classrooms on the first floor.  After the first half of the building was completed, the old sanctuary was torn down and the second half of the new building was erected in its place.   

With the help of 6 great construction teams, we were able to assist this  church in completing the basic structure.
October 2002 - Life Christian Fellowship of Springfield, Pennsylvania
January 2003 - Faith Christian Center of Bend, Oregon
February 2003 - Life christian Fellowship of Springfield, Pennsylvania 
January 2004 - Faith christian Center of Bend, Oregon
May 2004 - Neighborhood Church of Escondido, California
January 2005 - Hands Across the Border of Ogden, Utah

While the main structure is complete, there is still much interior work as well as the exterior to complete.  This is a church with a great vision.  Part of the vision of these pastors is to build a Christian school and day care facility  on the property adjacent to the church, which has yet to be purchased.  It is a tremendous project for the future, but  this pastoral team and church have a great vision for the lost. and hurting of their city. 

January 2005
October 2002