Without the help of the wonderful churches and individuals who have sacrificed time and finances to come here and partner with us, none of this would have been possible.  

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Construction teams still needed in Mexico.
Please pray about these opportunities and if God leads you to help in some way, please contact us.  Whether you are an experienced construction team or considering a first-time missions trip, we will do our best to fit your abilities and resources with the projects here in order to further the Gospel and bless the people of Mexico.  Thank you for your interest in this ministry and may God bless your efforts to reach the world for Jesus.

A large part of the ministry here in Mexico is the construction of new churches and the expansion and renovation of existing structures.  US teams from all over the country have joined us in the construction of churches and children’s centers in various cities and towns throughout the Baja Peninsula.
Centro Cristiano Nuevo Amanacer - Colonia Matamoros, Tijuana
In June 2000, we broke ground for a new church in Colonia Matamoros, which was a new colonia in Tijuana at that time.  With the help of 10  incredible MAPS teams, the building was completed in November 2001.  The following teams completed this great church in 18 months:
June 2000 - Trinity Assembly from Nicholson, PA
July 2000 - Praise Assembly from North Versailles, PA
Sept 2000 - Living Waters Chapel from Lebanon, PA
Feb 2001 - Westview Church, Palmdale, CA
Mar 2001 - Church on the Terrace from Ogden, UT
April 2001 - Living Waters Chapel from Lebanon, PA
May 2001 - Westview Church, Palmdale, CA
Sept 2001 - Palomar Heights Assembly from San Marcos, CA
Nov 2001 - Faith Christian Center from Bend, OR

Since that time, there have been many transitions in the church and the area around the church has grown tremendously.  In October of 2008, we were blessed with the arrival of Pastor Bonifacio to the church.  With Pastor Boni has come new life and energy and in just months of his arrival the church began growing.  The new congregation continues with a new enthusiasm for service and outreach.  The church was badly in need of repair. Our plan is to help restore the church building and bring a new face to the ministry in this area.  
             2029 - Congregation begins construction
Current Construction Projects
Vida Abundante - Tecate
              March-April 2020 - Roof Construction
            August 2020 - Windows & Window Protection
            May-June 2020 -  Interior Construction
In 2019, Pastor Eduardo with his wife and 2 daughters began planting a church in a new colonia in the town of Tecate.  At that time they purchased a small piece of land and began working on construction as they were able to raise funds.  They constructed a temporary structure made out of garage doors so the new congregation would be able to meet together even during rain and cold.

Early 2020, we were blessed to be able to begin assisting this small congregation with the construction of a block church building.  Due to the pandemic, it was impossible to enlist help from US teams, yet the work continued with all labor being provided by local volunteers or workers. The church is rapidly growing and in 2020 had their first baptismal service and immediately had to schedule another.  There is much to do to complete the construction, but at this point there is a solid building for the people to congregate.  We thank God for the work He is doing in this new community and for the hard work and dedication of Pastor Eduardo and his family.

            Construction continues.........