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Original Location - 1995-2012
     Twenty-six years ago, God opened the door to build a home for children in Tijuana----Nueva Esperanza (New Hope) Children’s Home.  The dream for a quality children’s home was born out of the desperate need to provide a place of safety for the children of the city, who were without family or living in abusive situations.   The vision was to provide a real home and family setting for these little ones and not just another institution for needy children.
     Construction began in 1995 on an abandoned and totally dilapidated old church building.  The building had to be completely renovated and portions rebuilt in order to provide a proper facility for the children.  But where man sees a broken building, God sees a building for broken children.  With the help of construction teams from the US, who provided materials and labor to rebuild the structure, the first 5 children were admitted on Christmas Eve 1995.  
    The ministry continued to operate from the original site until the need to relocate to a larger facility was unavoidable. Not only was there not enough room for additional children, but our family of children were crowded together way too close for comfort.  We began dreaming of a home for our children that would allow us to increase the size of our family and have space outside where the children could play, which is something they did not have.

   After a long and difficult search and a great deal of prayer, in 2008 we purchased land for the new children's home.  The site needed much preparation and it was not until 4 years later that the main building was completed.  The old facility had been a great blessing for 17 years, but we had long since outgrown it. In August 2012, the children were able to move into their new home, thanks to the help of many wonderful construction teams from the US.  (Click Children's Home Construction to see photos of the teams.)

     At present there are 32 children living at the Home that would otherwise be living on the streets, abandoned or abused---many times forced to beg, sell drugs, or steal to survive.  Since 1995, more than 200 children have been a part of the Nueva Esperanza family, and there have been the same number of miracle testimonies of God’s grace and healing power in the lives of these children.  
     We thank God for every person and church that has joined with us to rescue these little ones and share the love of Jesus by providing finances, materials, food and clothing and, most importantly, prayer.  Jesus loves the little children and so do we.
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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me.  Matthew 18:27