Since 1994, Tijuana has been our home and we have been blessed to work with the national pastors and leaders to help further the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this area and bring hope to the hopeless.  
    God has placed in our hearts a specific burden for the children of Mexico.  In 1995 God opened the door for the establishment of a children’s home in Tijuana.  Then in 2000, He gave the vision for a Boys Home and school in the city of Mexicali.  While these and other ministries to the children of Mexico have been the thrust of our burden and call, God has also provided us with the opportunity to help in the construction of new churches throughout the Baja peninsula.  As God opens the doors, we continue to do the work He places before us.  Our hearts cry out to see God move in the hearts of the people of Mexico.  God has a plan for Mexico…..a hope and a future, and we are honored that He has allowed us to be a part of that plan.
After Hurricane Jimena hit South Baja, we concentrated our efforts in the little town of Insurgentes, about 800 miles south of Tijuana.  While the hurricne ravaged the little community, more than 100 people found refuge in the little wooden church, where the pastor fed them and prayed with them.        With your help, we were able to put a new roof on the church, the pastor's house and the feeding center patio and provide food, clothing and supplies to the families that had been the hardest hit.   We know many of the families were touched by the love that was shared with them during their tragedy and pray that lives will contineu to be touched by God's love during this time.   We thank God for this opportunity to help, and thank all of you who helped provide all that was needed.  You were God's hand extended to the people of South Baja
On Easter Sunday, 2010, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck our area of Mexico.  While it was tremendous and lasted for more than a minute, the damage was confiined mainly to the area in the valley near Mexicali.  In this area, there were 4 of our churches completely destroyed.  All of the areas hardest hit by the earthquake were, of course, the poorer areas.  Adobe houses all around the churches in the little pueblos had callapsed and families were living outside in tents or under the trees.   With your help and the Assenblies of God Disaster Relief Fund, emergency assistance of food, purifed water and clothing was provided to the families for many weeks following the disaster.  We continue with assistance for the families and with the rebulding of the churches that were destroyed and who are presently having services outside, under tarps or in tents.  We thank God for the saftey of these people and His faithful provision.
missionaries to mexico
In 2011, we began working with one of our local churches to reach out to the families who are living in two camps near a city dump.  The children spend their days working in the dump looking for food and pieces of plastic and wire they can sell.  The December outreach was beautiful with a Christmas service, blankets and groceries for the families, gifts for everyone, and toys for the children.--- a blessed Christmas celebration for these families who have so little. 
    Tijuana, Mexico, a city of more than 2 million people, is a city in turmoil.  Only 5 miles from the US border, but a lifetime away from the prosperity and comparative safety that lie just on the other side of that border.  As people pour into the city searching for a new life, the streets are filled with disillusioned families without homes, children begging on the streets, crime and depravity at every turn.  It is a city filled with despair and----it is also the land of our calling.